Nagybajomi Kolping Katolikus Szakközépiskola és Kollégium 7561 Nagybajom, Templom utca 5., Tel.: 06(82)356-052 OM: 200668, adószám: 18780161-2-14 e-mail:


Kolping Catholic Vocational School in Nagybajom



Our school is located in Nagybajom, which is a small town in south-western part of Hungary, roughly at the same distance from Lake Balaton, the biggest freshwater lake in Central Europe, and the Hungarian-Croatian border.

Our school, maintained by Kolping Educational Provider, a Catholic Association, was opened in 2005. The foresaid Catholic Association, as well as its schools are named after Adolf Kolping, a German Catholic priest (1813-1865) who initiated a Catholic social movement by founding several journeymen (apprentice) associations. He dedicated himself to improving family life, and to aiding workers physically and spiritually during the challenging and often dehumanizing millieau of industrial revolution.

Today 120 students aged between 14 and 20 are educated here. The educational work is guided and assisted by 20 devoted teachers and technical workers. The students who attend our school can learn different trades to be bakers, cooks, confectioners, carpenters, bricklayers, painters and metal-workers. Our school provides a 3 year long education for those students who come here after finishing the primary school, as well as a 2 year long education for the students who have already obtained a qualification in a trade. Also, we provide a 2 year long day-time education for students with qualification to prepare them for the matura exams. Also, our school offers educational opportunities for youth with special needs (different learning disabilities) to learn trades. In our teaching staff there are well qualified teachers, including a special needs teacher, who can provide the above mentioned students with personalized learning, individualized instruction to meet the different needs of students.

Despite being a small school, we can be proud of our good results: we regularly take part in nationwide competitions organised for vocational schools, where our students perform successfully.

As far as the international projects are concerned, having no experience in this field, we are delighted to be able to participate in a cross-border vocational education program together with three other vocational schools, two of which are from Croatia. This student-exchange program aims to enhance the competences of students and teachers through mutual exchange of knowledge. The 2 week program will take place in autumn 2018.

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