OBRTNIČKA ŠKOLA KOPRIVNICA is a vocational school in Koprivnica, northwestern Croatia. The school has around 650 students aged 14-18 and around 100 teachers. This is a secondary school where students are educated in fields of electrical engineering, computing, mechanical engineering, catering industry, food industry, woodworking and construction. The school is mainly a three-year vocational school (students proceed to labour market after finishing school) with only two four-year professions that can proceed to university (technician in electrical engineering and computing technician). Besides these, each year five to ten students with special needs enrol to become assistant cooks and confectioners/ house and woodwork painters or florists.


In the year 2016 Obrtnička škola celebrated its 130th anniversary. During its whole existence, the school has had a good reputation in the local community. It has successfully participated in many projects in the region and received many awards from local and state institutions. Students of Obrtnička škola often have excellent scores at various competitions, including state competitions.


The school is active in various European projects and in the school year 2017/2018 it is successfully implementing its ninth Erasmus + mobility project which has been recognized in 2015 when it has been awarded Erasmus + VET Mobility Charter.

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